OPVIUS GmbH, Kitzingen, Germany, EU

Position: Director of Production OPVIUS GmbH, Kitzingen, Germany, EU

Specialization: Organic Photovoltaics – Solar Cells and Technologies

At the NANOCON´19 conference Tobias Sauermann will present an invited lecture at the session B “From BIPV to Green Buildings”.

Personal Background and Education:
Tobias Sauermann studied material science at the Friedrich-Alexander University in Erlangen and received his diploma degree in 2011. He focused on organic semiconductors and has 10 years of experience in OPV in different fields of activities. After several research projects dealing with investigation on degradation mechanisms in OPV he becomes project manager in OPVIUS GmbH in 2014. Among other projects he was in charge of development and production of the OPV modules for the EXPO 2015 in Milano. Since the end of 2016 he has the position of director of production at OPVIUS GmbH.


Research Interests and main results:
Integration of OPV into different materials, lamination of OPV onto different materials, connection technology for OPV

The company OPVIUS GmbH, where Tobias Sauermann works in the position of Production Director, was founded in 2012. It develops and manufactures organic solar cells and focuses on the commercialization of customized OPV (Organic Photo-Voltaic) solutions, e. g. solutions for buildings, automotive or smart mobile IoT (Internet of Things) devices. Its R&D facilities are located in Nuremberg (Germany).

The company cooperates closely with established partners in the field of science, industry, energy production, electronics and architecture. With over 100 customers and projects in more than 15 countries OPVIUS is one of the leading organic PV providers worldwide. Its position as a technical leader is the result of a high degree of vertical integration in the development and manufacturing processes.