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Institute of Electrical Engineering SAS (IEE SAS), Bratislava, Slovakia, EU

Position: Deputy Director of Institute of Electrical Engineering SAS (IEE SAS), Bratislava, Slovakia and senior researcher at Department of III-V Semiconductors at IEE SAS.

Specialization: Physics and characterization of III-N electronic devices for RF and power applications; Reliability of III-N electronic devices

At the NANOCON´19conference M. Ťapajna will present an invited lecture "Present state of InAlN/GaN MOS gate technology" at the session A Nanomaterials for electronic, Magnetic and Optic Applications, Carbon Nanostructures, Quantum Dots.

Personal Background and Education:
Dr. Milan Ťapajna (*1977) received his M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in 2003 and 2007, respectively, in electrical engineering from Slovak University of Technology, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology in Bratislava. In 2009, he joined group of Prof. Martin Kuball at University of Bristol as post-doc research assistant, focusing on the reliability investigation of GaN RF heterostructure field-effect transistors (HFETs) using electro-optical techniques. After returning back to Slovakia in 2011, Dr. Ťapajna joined group of Dr. J. Kuzmík where he continued his research focused on device reliability of InAlN/GaN HFETs and detail characterization of MOS gated GaN HFETs, focusing on oxide/III-N interface quality. Following his appointment as Scientific Secretary in 2013, in 2017 Dr. Tapajna was appointed as the statutory deputy director of the Institute of Electrical Engineering SAS.

Research Interests:
Study of reliability issues of III-N electronic devices for RF and power applications using electro-optical methods;

Physics and characterization of oxide/III-N interface for MOS-gated HFETs, study of threshold voltage instabilities.

Publication activity:
Author and co-author of 78 publications that received over 1000 citations (Scopus);

H-index = 18.

Over 50 conference contributions published in proceedings, 3 invited talks at international conferences.